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Online Marketing - Making Websites Successful

"A business website must actively generate sales leads, marketing value or revenue - there can be no other standards for success."

In most cases, it should be accomplishing at least two of those three functions. GCT is set apart from the competition in our dedication to these simple principles.
There are two aspects to accomplishing these goals - the site design itself (see website design) and follow-up online marketing. On this page we discuss the follow-up online marketing.

making your site a success
It is crucial to generate traffic to your site - without visitors a site serves no function or purpose. GCT is one of the few firms worldwide to maintain a team of full-time online marketing professionals - and the ONLY firm to maintain staff involved with online marketing in five languages.

generating traffic for your website #1 - search engine placement
Studies have shown that 75%-95% of all first time visitors to a website arrive via a search engine (like Google) or directory (like Yahoo!). GCT Taiwan's GUARANTEED Search Engine Placement and Positioning services provide the ultimate solution by optimizing a web site to gain ranking amongst the top positions in search engines and directories for keywords relevant to your business. This targeted method of directing traffic to your website is an extremely cost-effective method of online marketing. For more info: >>Do I need website optimization? | >>Why & How We are Successful | >>What it Costs/Packages

generating traffic for your website #2 - online media placement
While Search Engine Placement is the most effective method of generating traffic long term, it takes too long to be effective for fast-moving promotions and activities. When you need to reach clients quickly, targeted advertising is the most effective method. GCT Taiwan's team can work with you to develop advertising that works as well as source and place those ads locally or in partnership with our offices in the US, UK or China. >>online media placement

generating traffic for your website #3 - returning & retaining visitors
Ultimately, for most companies the best visitor to the website is the returning one. At GCT we work with our clients to develop strategies to keep visitors on your site longer, and entice them to return. Whether we are hired to build your firm a site from scratch, or as consultants to plan modifications to your existing platform - our team offers a unique perspective. >>contact us for more | >>web design services

GCT's international online marketing team - why is it in Taiwan?
It is important to note that websites are international and can be remotely accessed - so if you are next door or half a world away, the work is done the same way. Because our clients are multi-national and frequently multi-lingual, we located our online marketing team with our localization and translation team so our services could be offered in multiple languages. Currently, the GCT Taiwan office offers our full range of services in English, French, Traditional Mandarin Chinese and Simplified Mandarin Chinese. Some of our services are available in Korean and Japanese.

Taiwan also allows us to attract and maintain a solid expatriate and local team with lower overhead and tax expenditures. We pass those savings on to you.

Visit our dedicated site to find more information about our Search Engine Positioning services.


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