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Recent Developments at GCT-Taiwan

Computer Sciences Corporation (NYSE: CSC) looks to GCT Taiwan for translation and localisation services (Jan. 2003)
With a 40 year history and over USD 11 billion in yearly revenue, the Computer Sciences Corporation is one of the top software developers for business applications in the world. As they move into the Chinese market, they require localisation assistance in keeping with their high standards and reputation.
With a solid IT department, CSC knew GCT Taiwan was uniquely placed to bring their highly technical LIFEAsia system documentation to the Chinese market. GCT Taiwan recognizes that the reputation of CSC depends not only on the quality of their software, but also the documentation that accompanies it. To meet the unique challenges of translating documentation that requires deep knowledge of IT and the insurance business, GCT Taiwan used it's own solid IT team and an outside Insurance professional as editors and consultants to ensure not only accuracy, but also quality and clarity.

Taichung City Gov't Looks to GCT Taiwan to aid in new internationalisation efforts (Nov. 2002)
Taichung, a growing metropolis of one million located in central Taiwan, is moving forcefully onto the world stage with new internationalisation efforts. Already a strong international player in many key industries, Taichung is working on boosting it's international image and support for international businesspeople and investors.
To this effort, GCT Taiwan has aided in translating a speech for the Vice Mayor, completed print design and media placement for the city's 'Taiwan Boulevard' project and translated materials for the 'free bus' public transportation initiative. GCT Taiwan looks forward to supporting the city and it's citizens as it grows on the international stage.



Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of boosting rankings and positioning of websites in search engines and directories.
Translation services from GCT Taiwan come with a quality assurance process of editing and proofing.
Media placement includes the design (often print design) of advertising and assistance in choosing appropriate media outlets.


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