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Past Developments at GCT-Taiwan

Commodity Trading Consumer Research sources GCT Taiwan to handle online promotion (Jan. 2002)
When venerable commodities publisher, Commodity Trading Consumer Research discovered their extensive online resources couldn't be found online - they contacted GCT Taiwan to assist. Since this contract was signed, CTCR has rocketed to high rankings for keyword terms such as 'commodity trading' and 'commodities' in search engines such as google.

United Kingdom Education Advisory Service taps GCT Taiwan's Chinese SEO expertise (Dec. 2001)
One of the largest student placement organisations for UK universities in the world, UKEAS knew that students most often research their choices online prior to deciding on a university. With an extensive and well-thought out site, UKEAS knew the only barrier to success was the inability of Taiwan's students to find their site. Since this project began, GCT Taiwan has moved UKEAS's all important keywords and keyword combinations to very top reaches - and has seen a significant boost in students visiting their offices.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of boosting rankings and positioning of websites in search engines and directories.
Translation services from GCT Taiwan come with a quality assurance process of editing and proofing.
Media placement includes the design (often print design) of advertising and assistance in choosing appropriate media outlets.


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