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The Art of Translation

Anyone who has been to Asia, or purchased inexpensive products from Asia, has encountered poor translation in action. At best, it is merely humorous or slightly baffling - at worst it is incomprehensible or even offensive. In no circumstances does it reflect well on the company's image.

Communicating with other countries means overcoming linguistic and cultural obstacles. This is where an excellent understanding of both the input (source) and output (target) language is crucial. The art of translation is not about using a dictionary to translate each word and putting them together, it is about conveying the same meaning and feeling that is already established with the native version.

Now, more than ever, a professional image communicated through promotional materials and presentations is a key to success. Inadequate communication damages a company's professional image in today's international market. This is where GCT Taiwan Translation can step in and ensure accurate communication on both a language and cultural level.

Our team includes journalists as editors, marketing professionals to ensure ad copy is powerful and we often bring in technical experts to ensure industry-specific or technical terms are translated correctly.

When audio recording is required, we hire radio DJs and news presenters for the right sound and accent.

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