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GCT Taiwan web site design clients

The following are just a few of the current and past clients we have done web site design for:

  • Commodity Trading Consumer Research
  • Taiwan Fun (Compass Magazine Group)
  • United Kingdom Education Advisory Services
  • Grama Design
  • Courtney Smith & Company
  • American Chamber of Commerce, Taichung
  • Wan Hsyan Overseas English
  • Nikenny Metals
  • Mounting Tech
  • AnisfieldSmith Investments
  • Gibson Sports
  • MELC
  • RPG League
  • Ferri Rubber


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Did You Know?
  Some design houses will create a site for a client with their primary aim to show off their design skills - not create a business asset for the client. When you decide to build or re-build your website, demand (or designate) specifics on what the site should be there to acheive.


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