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Online media placement

Online marketing needs to be flexible and provide tangible results. For long-term traffic generation and cost effectiveness, a well designed web site paired with web site positioning (search engine optimization, or SEO) is hard to beat. However, there are three areas where that isn't enough.

1. Moving Fast - Online advertising
If your company or firm needs to move quickly in marketing new products or services, SEO work is simply too slow a process. For this, a marketing campaign of online advertisements in select locations allows a similar level of exposure to a similarly targeted audience. Online marketing campaigns need two main components to be successful, an interesting or eye-grabbing ad and good outlets to advertise on.

2. Credibility & Brand recognition
Nothing says success like an extensive ad campaign, and the image of success lends credibility. Merely having a website, even one that places well in search engines, does not necessarily impress today's visitors that the company putting up the site is credible - anyone can create a site these days. Use online advertising, off-line advertising and public relations to increase your sense of permanence and quality in the minds of your customers.

3. Bringing visitors home
The best visitor to a website is the returning one; it is these visitors that care about your product or service. One of the most powerful features of advertising is the ability to remind previous customers or previous potential customers to come back for your services again. Use online advertising to help maintain your existing client base.


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Did you know?
  Online marketing, offline marketing, public relations and viral marketing all are components of a larger strategy. Each, when used properly, re-inforces the credibility and effectiveness of the others.


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